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Fresh Start Customs

Candy Machine

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This listing: "Candy Machine" downloadable design / laser files* it does NOT include any physical items

Watch this assembly video one how to put it together, there are some parts that need to be put together in order:

Include in purchase:
- 1 ZIPPED folder including all SVG and Ai, files needed and instructions txt File to video instructions.
- No physical items, only downloadable files

- Commercial and personal use is allowed for making and selling a physical item
- You may not resell or redistribute the files for either commercial or personal use.
- No attribution is needed, but are always welcomed.

**Materials used and warnings:
--->This is a single slant design meaning that candy can catch on the corners and hold their own weight up from time to time, you may need to push the candy down from the top or tap the inside door to have the candy cave in on itself from time to time depending on what type of candy you use and how heavy it is will affect this more or less. <---
1/4 (0.227) inch green glass acrylic (2 sheets needed)
1/8 (0.137) inch walnut plywood
Slots might need adjusted based on your material manually (I cannot provide any adjustments as I do not have your material to test with)
Results will vary based on material used
Two people maybe needed for help aligning tabs together please watch instructional video link before purchase to see how to assemble:
Door opens up to one inch tall.
This is a tight fit design to prevent glue from being needed however if your kerf or material varies in size you may need to adjust your tabs manually at your own discretion.

The files and photos in this post cannot be shared, redistributed, or resold both personally or commercially.

Need Help with your Digital Download?

If you have never used one of our files before please watch this detailed video to walk you though what to expect from our files and how to use the correct file type with your program --> How To Use Our Files <--

Please remember to use a digital caliper to measure your materials exact thickness to ensure proper fit. Here are a few videos to show you how to find your materials exact thickness and how to edit:

--> How to find your Materials Exact thickness with a digital caliper tool <--

--> Troubleshooting and Editing Laser Files <--

--> How to edit different types of laser designs <--

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