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Need Help with a file?

This page has you covered. Scroll through all of these super helpful videos that covers all the situations you might run into when using a file depending on what program, materials, etc. you are using. You can find all of our tutorials, project builds, and more on our YouTube channel using the link below as well but we recommend checking out the videos on this page first.

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Learn How to use our Files:

This video covers how to use most files and what to expect from them. It will teach you how to use PDF files with third party programs to help maintain the correct document settings across programs. It will also show you how to find instructions to your files and how to get access to the troubleshooting guides.


How to Edit Different Types Files

This video will show you how to edit 3 different types of files ranging from easy to hard if you choose to attempt to use different material than listed for your file or if your lasers kerf is different. Keep in mind, it is always recommended to use the correct exact material sizes and file types for your program to help prevent to much editing from being needed.

How to find your Materials Exact Thickness

In this video, you learn how to use a digital caliper tool to find your materials thickness and why this matters. There is also other very important information in this video as well.


Still having troubles? Start to finish troubleshooting Guide

This video is the linked video in the troubleshooting text file included with every file. This sums up most other videos in one but if you need more in depth look at each, please watch the videos above as well to get an better understanding of each reason.


Glowforge, to the Point

Check out our top recommended series to learn how to use your Glowforge in the fastest way possible.


Must Have Glowforge Tools and Accessories.

Click the picture below to watch a video of me explaining what each tool is for or click the link below to jump straight to our Amazon affiliate shop with all of these accessories and more that have been reviewed and tested in our other videos too.



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